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R training for Business

Learning analytics with R by solving real business case study, including different modules, from data manipulation, modelling to data vizualization.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics on request. Our data analysts will work closely with you help your company to solve your problem, applying data-driven approach.

Market Research

Using sophisticated models and modern approaches to find the trend and behavior of markets, from banking, mobile, ecommerce to social networks.

Anh Hoang Duc, a cofounder of, is a data analysis instructor of Rstudio in Vietnam

About us

Data driven decisions for your business
Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine!

RAnalytics is a group of data addicted R-users, specializing in data visualization, data analytics & predictive model. We provide R training courses in various topics as well as advise and execute various problems of data analytics & market research. We love discussions and solving real problems in business analytics to improve business performance. All partners combine 10+ years working experience in business analytics, data science, market research & web development from various industries, including Banking, Mobile, Ecommerce & IT. Our mission is to bring the power of R, the most advanced analytics software available, to Vietnam.

  • Speed
  • Visualization
  • Accurate
  • Prediction Ablility

Our team

Smart guys, smart solutions
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Anh Hoang Duc

Data vizualizer & applied modeler
4 years experience in analytics, 3 years experience in Ecommerce and Mobile App. Master in Quantitative Methods in Economics at Warsaw School of Economics – Poland,
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Data scientist
5 years experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics in Banking, E-Commerce and Retail, Master in Finance in the UK
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3 years experiences in building various web-based applications for E-Commerce and analytics.


Introduction to R in Vietnamese - DataCamp course

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